We introduced COLORBOND® premium pre-painted steel used in many projects with high demands in aesthetic and durability
With more than 40 years experience, steel composite decking solution has changed high-rises’ floor structure, one of these solutions branded LYSAGHT® BONDEK II®
ZINCALUME® was launched and made a breakthrough in worldwide pre-painted steel technology: Al-Zn alloy-coated
Dòng sản phẩm LYSAGHT® KLIP – LOK® product was launched as the first roof solution without screws, making a big change in roof installation way all over the world
Pioneer in using Al-Zn alloy-coated thin strut for roof trusses, LYSAGHT® SMARTRUSS® made a breakthrough in construction industry
Dòng OPTIMA® product line provide more wave-profile to meet demands of different projects types
THERMATECH® technology was first applied in Colorbond pre-painted steel, reducing roof surface temperature by up to 60C, complying with American Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) standard
New technology in standing seam roof systems was initiated across Asia and in Vietnam as new SMARTSEAM® product line, increasing durability and aesthetic
Advanced steel flooring solution composite Bondek II was first introduced and used in remarkable projects such as Landmark 81, Vietinbank Hanoi