Tole is a modern material, the optimal choice for the roof of many buildings thanks to its advantages such as easy installation, flexibility with various types of roof architecture, diverse design and color.

While choosing tole, beside the criteria of color and aesthetics, customers immensely consider the durability or the ability of anti-corrosion, especially where red-rust easily appears such as cutting edges, screw holes or scratches.

Rust often spreads from these areas to expose the paint surface, badly damage the roof, or even cause leakage. With current metal-coated steel technology of the market, the rust has not been prevented thoroughly.

Understanding that concern, BlueScope Australia Corporation with more than 100 years of word-leading experience has researched and launched the first Zacs+ with innovative INOK ™ technology that prevents red-rust effectively at the cutting edges, screw holes and scratches, increasing anti-red rust ability better than any other steels.


The INOK technology (INfinitely Outreaching Know-how) which was developed and copyright registered by BlueScope Australia Corporation, has been applied for the first time to Zacs®+ products in Vietnam. The innovative INOK ™ technology got impressive numbers: more than 100 million AUD investment, more than 20 years of research and development, more than 20 patents, independent testing by the French Corrosion Institute (FCI) which is internationally verified.

The INOK technology therefore prevents rust superior than the current aluminum-zinc coatings alloy-coated technology (also known as galvalume steel) with the protection mechanism from only two layers of aluminum and zinc. The test results of Zacs®+ anti-corrosion like INOX has been independently certified by Quatest 3. The perforation by corrosion warranty for Zacs®+ therefore is doubled up to 20 years.

The INOK technology forms the microstructure with the 4 layers matrix of protective compounds for anti-red rust from the anti-corrosion compounds. Thanks to this unique microstructure, the compounds are able to proactively prevent corrosion, especially at cutting edges, screw holes and scratches

The INOKtechnology was developed and copyright registered by BlueScope Australia Corporation

On July 19, 2019, the event of launching Zacs®+ INOK products with the theme “INOK TECHNOLOGY – ESTABLISH FUTURE” was held ceremonially at Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81, with the participation of 150 authorized dealers across a nation.

The INOK technology launching event in Ho Chi Minh City.

Authorized dealers kept concentrating throughout the presentation.

The attendees said that they were really impressed and believed in the potential development of the breakthrough INOK technology, and the advanced product Zacs®+ that brings practical values to Vietnam customers.

Attendees believed in the potential of “establish future” of the INOK technology.

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